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City Facts

Little known facts about cities across Brevard County.

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 The Cove in Port Canaveral

Cape Canaveral residents and visitors have one more thing to look forward to in the coming year. At 52,000 square feet, this new addition is a rather big thing for Cape Canaveral residents to anticipate and eventually welcome into their beautiful, breezy community.

Late yesterday afternoon,Florida Todayreported thatPort Canaveral commissioners approved development of a part of the Cove, a charming area within the port laden with restaurants and seafood markets. According to the article, tenants in the Cove’s new development will include local and national businesses from the following industries:

  • Retailers
  • Service businesses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Hospitality (restaurants and one hotel)

Florida Today reported that the coming

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5 Facts About Palm Bay 

For 130 years, Palm Bay has been a growing community. When the first settlers founded the town of Tillman back in 1887, they likely had big aspirations, but may not have even imagined that it would one day become one of the largest cities in the entire state.

Palm Bay’s grand size and large population aren’t the only things that make it a standout. Here are five interesting, but little-known facts about the south Brevard city: 

1. Palm Bay is the second largest city in Central Florida.

With nearly 103,000 residents, Palm Bay is the second largest city in Central Florida. Palm Bay is also the 18th most populous city in the Sunshine State and the largest city in Brevard County. The “bass fishing capital of the world” is still growing though.

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 3 Little-Known Facts About Melbourne Beach

The town of Melbourne Beach has a lot going for it. From the thriving culture, to the local restaurants, to the gorgeous shoreline and it’s rich heritage, Melbourne Beach is a great place to visit and an even greater place to live.

Although many of Melbourne Beach’s best qualities are readily apparent, there are some interesting things about the town that aren’t as well known:

1. One of Melbourne Beach’s first settlers was a ferryboat captain and a carpenter and a postal carrier.

Life in a late 1800’s settlement town takes a lot of innovation and adaptability, to say the least. Capt. Rufus BeauJean had these traits in spades. A veritable “jack of all trades” Capt. BeauJean was one of the first to settle Melbourne Beach and soon came to fill

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 Hotels May Return to Scottsmoor, Florida

Scottsmoor is a small town on the northernmost edge of Brevard County that manages to stay out of the limelight most of the time, but last week it made the papers. In the coming years, the quintessential farm town might see some big changes due to some recently approved land rezoning requests.

Scottsmoor truly is the idyllic small Florida farm town. Sun ripened oranges and fresh picked berries add flavor to warm summer afternoons on cozy wraparound porches across Scottsmoor and invite community members to linger until the sun fades beneath the horizon. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are as readily available as bright Florida sunshine and just as delightful.

It’s not uncommon to see horses, chickens and cows meandering about in ever-long

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Guardian Angels Serve Right Here in Brevard

From time to time, Brevard County residents may see military aircraft fly over the Cocoa Beach area. Often these are 920th Rescue Wing aircraft and they have an extraordinary job to do. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the 920th Rescue Wing is that it is a reserve unit with a life saving mission. Reservists are held to the same standards as their active duty counterparts, but they train one weekend out of every month and for several weeks every year. The reservists at Patrick Air Force Base rigorously train for activations and deployments to conduct personnel recovery missions. 

Patrick Air Force Base stretches along a beautiful area in-between Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach. From inside the gates and the skies above, pararescuemen and

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4 Facts About Port St. John, Florida 

Port St. John is an unincorporated residential area seated in-between Cocoa and Titusville in North Brevard. Newer houses intersperse between homes built in the 1980’s and 1990’s and grace neighborhoods that cover most of Port St. John’s 3.82 square mile area. But there is more to Port St. John than square miles or attractive homes, as the four facts below show:

1. Port St. John has staying power.

According to the US Census Bureau, over 12,000 people live in Port St. John’s growing community. Families with children comprise a significant portion of that number. In fact, 22.7 percent of Port St. John residents are under 18 years old.

The averagelength of stay for Port St. John residents is significantly higher than the state average, which is

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5 Intriguing Facts About Indialantic, Florida

Indialantic is without question a remarkably beautiful beach town. It’s also an incredibly small town. Nestled in-between Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach, the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, Indialantic covers roughly one square mile of land and has approximately 2,700 residents. Indialantic may be a small town, but it has a big character and boasts rather intriguing aspects, five of which are listed below:  

1. More than half of Indialantic's residents have college educations.

The town of Indialantic has a significantly higher proportion of college graduates than the rest of the state. In addition to this, almost 20 percent of Indialantic residents hold graduate degrees. Nearly 20 percent of Indialantic’s residents are…
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Melbourne and Titusville Ranked Best Places to Live

Two Brevard County cities made Niche’s 2015 list of best towns in Florida. Both Melbourne and Titusville broke the top 20, with the former coming in at 12th place and the latter placing right behind it at 13th.

Niche ranks towns and cities based on the following criteria:

  • Weather
  • Safety
  • Schools
  • Activities
  • Jobs
  • Housing


Niche assigns grades to cities and towns and uses them to determine list ranking. Melbourne earned high marks in several areas, including weather, education, housing and activities. In addition to those “A” grades, the southern Brevard city also ranked high in the “easiest commute” and “health and fitness” categories. Melbourne received an overall grade of “B.” 

Melbourne covers 40 square

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5 Facts About Mims, Florida

Tucked away at the northern end of Brevard County, the town of Mims is unfamiliar to many, but that doesn’t diminish its charm. Mims boasts an iconic small town feel bolstered by a healthy measure of tried and true Americana. Such places are a rare find these days.

In Mims, sprawling properties intersperse with orange groves, family farms and fields dotted with horses, cows, chickens and goats. Scenic views of Florida’s handsome landscape pervade the town and create an incredibly serene ambience that is hard to find and tough to replicate.

Mims, Florida is more than a tiny dot on a map. The town has a number of endearing qualities and a lot to offer folks who are eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas. A few

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5 Facts About Merritt Island, Florida

Gorgeous waterfront views and a rich space history are some of Merritt Island’s well-known traits, but this Space Boom town bears many other intriguing aspects, some of which may surprise you:

1. The population has decreased in recent years.

Although the recent additions of popular restaurants and coffee houses, such as Bonefish Grill and Starbucks, might suggest an increase in growth, Merritt Island’s population went from 20,696 in 2000 to 19,881 in 2010. This is good news for folks traversing through main strips like the Merritt Island Causeway and Courtenay Parkway during peak travel times.

2. Merritt Island has more water area than land area, twice as much more.

The beautiful island has twice as much water area as it does land area.

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