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August 2015

Found 29 blog entries for August 2015.

Hurrican Preparedness Brings Peace of Mind

Tropical Storm Erika has been all over the news in recent days. Yesterday, the storm slowed down and dissolved in the Atlantic Ocean. In doing so, it allowed residents along the East Coast of Florida to take a collective sigh of relief.

From Tropical Storm Erika's outset, preparation measures were in full swing and continuous updates were provided by all the local news sources. The storm's formation reminded many in Brevard County that it’s time to check and resupply hurricane kits.  

No matter how many uneventful hurricane seasons pass, there is always the potential for truly powerful and devastating storms to come upon shore. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew caused severe devastation in south Florida. Since then, there have been some severe storms

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The Numbers: Brevard County Real Estate Market Performance

The Space Coast was recently ranked #13 on Trip Advisor’s “23 Affordable Dream Destinations for Autumn Vacation Rentals.” It’s true that Brevard County is a great place to visit, but it’s also true that it’s a wonderful place to live. The recent Brevard County real estate figures prove that many who visit the Space Coast never want to leave.

Brevard County market sales

In July of this year, 969 homes were sold across Brevard County, which was an 8.9 percent increase over last year. Townhomes also saw an incredible uptick in sales with 276 purchased over the month. This led to a 38.7 percent increase over last year’s numbers.

Market inventory

Real estate sales in July led to a 12.3 percent decrease in available inventory across Brevard

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 Merritt Island High Celebrates 50 Years Launching Dreams

Back when Merritt Island High School’s first classmen walked the halls, things were a tad different. Without the help of Google, Wikipedia, the Internet or computers altogether, they ardently studied, wrote papers and used the Dewey Decimal system to find physical library books to read.

The class of 2015 still studies, but most of their research is conducted online and they often prefer to read books on pint sized digital devices. These same devices browse the Internet, buy products on Amazon and place phone calls. Students email their teachers and dozens of other people daily, but rarely if ever send paper letters.

A lot has changed in 50 years. Blackboards have been replaced with whiteboards. Paper white is a feature on e-readers and real

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3 Wood Look Flooring Options for Your Home

Wood look flooring will always be a safe bet for homeowners because it is attractive and neatly blends with countless home décor styles. There are a number of options available in Brevard County, including natural wood flooring and wood look products that allow homeowners to get the look for less. There are choices for every budget and traffic level.

Here are pros and cons of 3 of the most popular wood look flooring options:

1. Natural wood pros

Natural wood is the preferred flooring for many homeowners. It’s refined so it adds an upscale feel to living spaces. In addition to this, natural wood increases a home’s value. This flooring option is available in many beautiful colors that compliment an array of décor styles. 

Natural wood cons

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What are they building across from The Avenue Viera?

Shoppers passing The Avenue Viera can’t help but notice the construction on the other side of Lake Andrew Drive. The homes being built there are very attractive, which begs the question, what’s the new development’s name?

The answer is: Arrivas Village.

The development has more than a great location going for it. Upscale homes in Arrivas Village offer residents bonus rooms, balconies, verandas and private courtyards. There are two floor plans to choose from, the Castillo and the San Marco, and both feature lovely Spanish Colonial architecture.

Upgrade options are both thoughtful and practical for Florida homes. Buyers can add space to two-car garages for golf carts or summer kitchens to existing patios. Starting prices for homes in Arrivas

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 Hotels May Return to Scottsmoor, Florida

Scottsmoor is a small town on the northernmost edge of Brevard County that manages to stay out of the limelight most of the time, but last week it made the papers. In the coming years, the quintessential farm town might see some big changes due to some recently approved land rezoning requests.

Scottsmoor truly is the idyllic small Florida farm town. Sun ripened oranges and fresh picked berries add flavor to warm summer afternoons on cozy wraparound porches across Scottsmoor and invite community members to linger until the sun fades beneath the horizon. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are as readily available as bright Florida sunshine and just as delightful.

It’s not uncommon to see horses, chickens and cows meandering about in ever-long

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Guardian Angels Serve Right Here in Brevard

From time to time, Brevard County residents may see military aircraft fly over the Cocoa Beach area. Often these are 920th Rescue Wing aircraft and they have an extraordinary job to do. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the 920th Rescue Wing is that it is a reserve unit with a life saving mission. Reservists are held to the same standards as their active duty counterparts, but they train one weekend out of every month and for several weeks every year. The reservists at Patrick Air Force Base rigorously train for activations and deployments to conduct personnel recovery missions. 

Patrick Air Force Base stretches along a beautiful area in-between Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach. From inside the gates and the skies above, pararescuemen and

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 Pieces of World Trade Center Arrive in Brevard County

On Friday, two pieces of the World Trade Center completed long journeys to Brevard County where they will be displayed in memorials. A large beam from the World Trade Center was ceremoniously delivered to Kennedy Space Center and a smaller beam was honorably received by the Titusville Fire Department.

An article in Florida Today reported that firetrucks shot water cannons over the plane carrying the artifacts when it arrived in Miami. The larger beam was draped in the American flag and transported by truck across Brevard County to Kennedy Space Center. Firefighters stood at attention and saluted from firetrucks with American flags flying from their ladders as the procession passed.

WESH Channel Two reported that hundreds of motorcycles, law

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4 Facts About Port St. John, Florida 

Port St. John is an unincorporated residential area seated in-between Cocoa and Titusville in North Brevard. Newer houses intersperse between homes built in the 1980’s and 1990’s and grace neighborhoods that cover most of Port St. John’s 3.82 square mile area. But there is more to Port St. John than square miles or attractive homes, as the four facts below show:

1. Port St. John has staying power.

According to the US Census Bureau, over 12,000 people live in Port St. John’s growing community. Families with children comprise a significant portion of that number. In fact, 22.7 percent of Port St. John residents are under 18 years old.

The averagelength of stay for Port St. John residents is significantly higher than the state average, which is

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 Rocket Launch Set for August 31st

A rocket launch will light up the sky again at the end of this month. At 4:07 a.m. on August 31st, a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with valuable military cargo. The rocket will haul the fourth in a series of Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellites into space. 

Information released by Kennedy Space Center stated these next-generation Navy satellites aid U.S. ground forces in communicating while in transit. Florida Today reported that the MUOS satellites orbit over 22,000 miles above the equator to increase the capacity of military communication systems.

The U.S. Air Force and its mission partners are already preparing for the next launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The

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